Howdy all and happy New Year.  We’re getting our 2009 season put together and the first order of business is the “Where the Old West Stayed Young” match over Memorial Day week-end.  This year will be our 24th annual match.


We will continue to shoot the main match stages over two days, with side matches Saturday afternoon.  The week-end schedule will be like this:


Friday             1:00PM           Match set-up and registration

            Saturday        8:00AM          Registration and door prize drawing

9:00AM          Shooters meeting

                                    9:30AM          Main Match—first four stages

                                    12:30PM         Lunch (included in match fee)

                                    1:30PM           Side Matches

                                    5:00PM           Range closed



            Sunday           9:00AM          Main Match—last four stages

                                    12:00PM         Lunch (included in match fee)

                                    1:00PM           Match pick-up          

                                    2:00PM           Awards Presentation


On your entry form write in the class you want to shoot.  This year we will use the new SASS categories.  Some categories may be under-represented and need to be consolidated.  Should this occur, you will be given the opportunity to choose another category.  SASS membership will be a participation requirement.  We will be offering our usual selection of side matches again this year.  A blanket $10 fee will get you into all the side matches and you are welcome to pre-pay with your match entry.  Due to increased expenses we have been forced to raise our prices a bit this year, but we have also reduced one important one:  shooters under 18 years of age now shoot for free. 


We are a small club and have suffered some “defections” lately and we need your help.  If you can help with any of the side matches or if you can be a posse marshal or deputy the Rangers would really appreciate your assistance.


Rangers information can be found on line at The Bears Ears Sportsman Club (BESC) web page.  Please check us out at:         



We’re trying to do as much as possible of the paperwork, notifications, etc. on-line as it saves paper, time and money.  If you have access to e-mail please send us that information so we can communicate with you better. 












2008 Side Matches & Posse Shoot

with approximate round count



Long Range Rifle Single Shot – 10 rounds*


Big Bore Lever Rifle – 10 rounds *


Pistol Caliber Lever Rifle – 10 rounds *


Quigley – 3 rounds *


Long Range Pistol – 5 rounds *


Derringer – 4 rounds #


Pocket Pistol – 10 rounds #


Gunfighter – 10 rounds *


22 Rimfire (Rifle & Pistol combined) – 15 rounds *



* - hits are score, time is tie breaker


# - match type scoring 




As always, we’d like to hear from you if you have thoughts or ideas to help us do a better job.  Please feel free to call me at 970-826-0150or E-mail me at





Powder Wash Kid

Match Director