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Taken at the Cherry Creek range after the 1999 Indoor Championships. John Jepkema, Coach was high Senior, Cliff Owens was Colorado Indoor champion and Laura Tyler was High Woman

At an Annual Bears Ears 2700 Pistol Match The shooters are scoring 50 yard slow fire targets in preperation to moving to 25 yards for sustained fire. From the left they are Steve Locatelli, Evergreen; Doug Maxwell, Arvada; Ron Krucek, Craig; Matt DeLong, Salt Lake City; and Cliff Owens, Craig. Photo by Jepkema, Range Officer

This picture was taken at the National Pistol Championships held each year at Camp Perry, Ohio. From the left, shooters are Curt Lackey, Denver; Wayne Harris, Arvada; Laura Tyler, Craig; Joe Marosy, Aurora; Ron Porter, Denver; John Jepkema, Craig; Cliff Owens, Craig; and Steve Locatelli, Evergreen. Some times the wind blows, some times it rains and some times it does both. Usually hot.

The 1999 Colorado State Pistol Team was one of 22 that shot in the State Association Expert class at Camp Perry. Steve Locatelli of Conifer was Team Captain and John Jepkema of Craig was Team Coach. The 1st place .22 team consisted of Doug Maxwell, Arvada; Curt Lackey, Denver; David Neff, Littleton and Steve Locatelli. John Jepkema replaced Neff on the 3rd place Center Fire Team. Maxwell, Neff, Jepkema and Locatelli shot on the first place .45 team. Picture Back row , left to right Jepkema, David Neff, Don Jones, Englewood, John Neff, Englewood. Front row: left to right Maxwell, Locatelli.

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