Over Memorial Day week-end, May 23rd and 24th, the Rangers presented the 24th rendition of our annual “Where the Old West Stayed Young” match.  The weather mostly cooperated with significant rain only on Saturday afternoon about 3:45.  Side matches were curtailed a bit, but all main match shooting was completed during the mornings with only the littlest bit of drizzle here and there.    Lunches were catered by the OP here in Craig with pork and beef brisket sandwiches, baked beans and all the rest. 


This year’s match was based on “Maverick” with eight stages based on various scenes from the movie.  We got to do things like shoot snakes, cut cards, bust up a bank robbery and all sorts of other fun stuff.    Ninety shooters participated and it seemed like everybody had a good time.   The Ranger’s goal is always for this to be a fun match.  Rosita Gambler took home his second set of overalls as the match winner, and if he didn’t sport such a beautific grin, we’d have to charge him a double fee next year.  We had two shooters this year with a clean match:  Sneaky Snake and Badger.  The Spirit of the Game award was presented to Snowy Creek Angel and Exasperilla Summer who inspired the theme of the match, wrote stages, helped with everything and put up with their dad…    


Saturday night at the American Legion we had a steak cook-out organized by That Away Gal.  About sixty shooters and family members overate, told stories and relaxed for the evening.  Thanks, Lois for the fine job. 


All the Rangers and many of our out-of-town guests participated in match set-up on Friday and everyone pitched after lunch on Sunday for take-down.  All that help makes the chores part go a lot better and is exemplary of the “cowboy way”.


Territorial Governor The Powder Wash Kid was match director this year and did an outstanding job – looks like he (and his family:  Sidewinder Sadie, Snowy Creek Angel, and Exasperilla Summer) will be in charge for at least a few more years.


Regular monthly matches will continue on the fourth Saturday of the month, June through September.  Our schedule for the remainder of 2009 follows:

            June 27 – monthly match

            July 25 – monthly match

            August 22 – monthly match

            September 26 – monthly match


We are always on the lookout for ideas for stages and side matches for our monthly and annual matches.  If it can be done safely and won’t contribute to economic disaster or illegal immigration we’ll likely give it a try.  Keep up with the Rangers on the Bears Ears Sportsman Club (BESC) web site at: 



Sagebrush Burns, 970-824-8407