The Rangers got our first regular season match of 2008 into the books on Saturday the 26th.  In spite of less than perfect weather (temps in the 30s, a biting north wind, and the occasional snow flurry) fifteen shooters came out for a good time in the cowboy way.  Match designer Colorado Hank had us rescue Doc and Miss Kitty in Dodge City, finish off the bad guys in High Plains Drifter, fight of Harriman’s posse in Profit Sharing, and clean up the current political mess in Snakes in the Grass.  Blastin’ the “snakes” with the shotgun is always a hoot – thanks, Henry. 


We had two new shooters this month:  Cougar Kid from Craig shot his second match and first with the Rangers; Woody from Granby shot his first match ever.  Welcome cowboys – hope you’ll be able to join us on a regular basis…


As always, thank you to the set-up crew:  Colorado Hank, Snowy Owl, Thataway Gal, Maybell Maverick, Winterhawk, and Sagebrush Burns.  Special thanks to Winterhawk who was too sick to shoot on Saturday in the cold but showed up early to help us get started and came back in the afternoon to work tear-down.  Howdy, you da man!


The annual “Where the Old West Stayed Young” match is shaping up nicely.  We had some problems over trophies, but Powder Wash Kid got them solved.  Lunches will be catered by the OP restaurant and should be tasty.  Over 50 shooters are signed up so far with more arriving regularly.  Door prizes are coming in and looking good.  The match theme this year will cartoons, so come ready for a laugh or two:  do you remember Popeye, Bugs Bunny, Roadrunner, Donald Duck, Speedy Gonzales, Mr. Magoo, Pepe LaPew?  Of course you do, but how about George of the Jungle?  They’ll all be here this May…


Regular monthly matches will continue on the fourth Saturday of the month, June through September.  We have set our schedule for 2008.

            May 24 & 25 – annual “Where the Old West Stayed Young” match

            June 28 – monthly match – That Away Gal

            July 26 – monthly match – Soda Creek Jack

            August 23 – monthly match – Powder Wash Kid

            September 27 – monthly match – The Some Dense Kid


We are always on the lookout for ideas for stages and side matches for our monthly and annual matches.  The Rangers feel that one of our strengths is that many different folks contribute and that keeps us fresh.  If you’ve got something you’d like to try, let us know.  If it can be done safely and won’t contribute to run away gas prices or illegal immigration we’ll likely give it a try.


As always, we’d like to hear from you if you have thoughts or ideas to help us do a better job.  Keep up with the Rangers on the Bears Ears Sportsman Club (BESC) web site at: 




Sagebrush Burns, 970-824-8407