Match directors Soda Creek Jack and Thataway Gal did a hunting theme for our June match. Game included buffalo, elk, deer, and a wascally wabbit. Two of the stages included a long shot with a big bore rifle (supplied by Soda Creek Jack - thanks Ron) for a slightly different slant on things. It's always fun to change up and do something just a bit unusual. Fifteen cowgirls and cowboys shot the match so there was just one posse and everyone finished by about 12:30 and beat the heat of the day. Again for June, the weather was excellent, with lots of sunshine and warm temperatures.

Jim Beam and Bo Hunter were first timers at our match - welcome friends, and Big Timber and Rusty S. Pots re-joined us after extended absences. Rusty, Soda Creek, Thataway, Yampa Rose, I.B. Oneeye, Colorado Hank and Desperado James set up the match on Friday - many thanks to all - and every one chipped in and made take down a breeze.

Regular monthly matches will continue on Saturday, July 28th. One July stage will be a two person scenario, and in August one stage will be entirely knock-down targets. We look forward to the fun and the challenges.

Schedule for 2007.
July 28 - monthly match - director, W.H. Middaugh
August 25 - monthly match - director, Powder Wash Kid
September 22 - monthly match - director, The Some Dense Kid

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June Scores