We just completed our 22nd annual Where the Old West Stayed Young match and we are pleased to report that all went well. This may have been the best weather we've ever had (or ever could have) with sunshine and temps in the 70s and low 80s. Set-up on went smooth – not a large crew but we worked well together, had the equipment we needed, and no unexpected problems developed (until the very last when we ran out of printer ink – luckily Jackson's was still open).

Main stages went well on Saturday and Sunday and finished on schedule for lunch. Unfortunately the match director was behind the power curve and side matches got started late (we'd fire the slacker, but…). Sides were fun and well attended. A kink developed in the long range events which we will work to solve for next year. Most everyone pitched in to break down the main match (thank you all) and after lunch on Sunday we did the posse shoot (it took too long, so we'll work on that too). Eighty four folks came to the banquet this year and we all had a good time.

Main and side match results are included (sorted by alias, overall rank and class). This year's recipient of the coveted “Overall winner” award was Badger. Teenot Coffee who kept smiling and having fun even when things went south was awarded the “Spirit of the Game” trophy. Two shooters had a clean match this year: Kidd and Cusz 'M Dutch – way to line 'em up guys.

A lot of work went into making the match a success and I'd like to say special thank you to some of the people who made an extra effort. Marshals and deputies: Big Timber, Red River Wrangler, Soda Creek Jack, I.B. Oneeye, Double R, Jinglebob Gerri, Colorado Blackjack, Hulahan Bob, Miles Coffee, Sagebrush Burns, Powder Wash Kid, 3 Gun Joe, Doc Wiskey and Doc Murdock. Side match coordinators: Cusz 'M Dutch, Some Dense Kid & Outta Place, Powder Wash Kid, Colorado Hank & Doc Murdock, and Thataway Gal & Soda Creek Jack. Maybell Maverick and Willard White handled distribution of door prizes. Outta Place and Some Dense did all of the match score-keeping. The Ossen family (Summer, Snowy Creek Angel, Sidewinder Sadie and Powder Wash) provided an ATV with trailer and much labor all week-end. The Durkop men (Randall, Desperado James and Colorado Hank) worked hard throughout the match. The Meads (Yampa Rose, Soda Creek Jack and I.B. Oneeye) performed yeoman service the whole time. Finally, Goodness Grace and No Horse Charlie were everywhere; set up, tear down, and (most important of all) keeping the match director on track. BIG THANKS to all.

Regular monthly matches will resume on Saturday, June 23rd. Don't forget, we'll be trying out some fun variations this season: in July one stage will be a two person scenario; in August one stage will be entirely knock-down targets. We look forward to the fun and the challenges.

Schedule for 2007.
June 23 – monthly match – director, Soda Creek Jack, That Away Gal
July 28 – monthly match – director, W.H. Middaugh
August 25 – monthly match – director, Powder Wash Kid
September 22 – monthly match – director, The Some Dense Kid

As always, we'd like to hear from you if you have thoughts or ideas to help us do a better job. Keep up with the Rangers on the Bears Ears Sportsman Club (BESC) web site at:

Sagebrush Burns
Captain, 970-824-8407