The Rangers got together Saturday morning, January 13th to begin planning the new season.  In spite of (really) cold snowy weather we had an excellent turn out.  Present were Snowy Creek Angel, The Powder Wash Kid, Yampa River Belle, W.H. Middaugh, Yampa Rose, Soda Creek Jack, Black Mountain Cat, Sagebrush Burns, and new member Big Iron O’Kearns.  Winterhawk was snowed in and couldn’t bust through the un-plowed drifts.  Cusz M Dutch, That Away Gal and Maybell Maverick made the smart decision and didn’t challenge the roads and weather (slackers, all of ‘em).


Our first match of the season will be the third annual Groundhog Day/cabin fever match on Saturday, February 3rd.  It IS still winter around here, so well let the day warm up a bit and start at 1030AM and clothing rules are relaxed.  This match is four stages and we keep it simple, shooting in one bay and re-arranging targets for each stage.  As always, this will be a free match.


Planning is under way for the 22nd annual “Where the Old West Stayed Young” match over Memorial Day week-end, May 26th and 27th.  Our theme this year will be “westerns” with each stage based on a different movie.  Tombstone and Open Range are already spoken for and the rest of us are thinkin’ up more mischief.  We’ll have the Saturday night banquet and the three gun posse shoot just like last year.  Again this year we find ourselves short of people to run everything at the annual.  If you’re coming and you’re willing we need posse marshals and helpers for the various side matches.  Please get in touch with Burns if you can help. 


Regular monthly matches will continue on the fourth Saturday of the month, April through September.  We plan on trying out some fun variations this season:  in April (and most likely May) we’ll have a Texas star as a shotgun target; in June one stage will be a two person scenario; in July one stage will be entirely knock-down targets.  We look forward to the fun and the challenges.   


We have set our schedule for 2007.

February 3 – Ground Hog Day match – director, Sagebrush Burns (be there at 1030AM)

            April 28 – monthly match – director, Sagebrush Burns, Cusz M Dutch (sign-up 900AM)

            May 26 & 27 – annual “Where the Old West Stayed Young” match

            June 23 – monthly match – director, Soda Creek Jack, That Away Gal

            July 28 – monthly match – director, W.H. Middaugh

            August 25 – monthly match – director, Powder Wash Kid

            September 22 – monthly match – director, The Some Dense Kid


As always, we’d like to hear from you if you have thoughts or ideas to help us do a better job.  The Rangers no longer have our own separate web site, but everything you may need (including a downloadable entry form for the annual) can be found in the Bears Ears Sportsman Club (BESC) web site at: 


Sagebrush Burns

Captain, 970-824-8407